Through the Hourglass



One can find true magic in limitation. Framing magic as a system polished to the degree in which things seem to happen as if of their own accord, the first step to these sources of flow is to get clear about the specific place one is drawn to.

Shoot for a target that is both: actually within your reach and just far enough to keep you excited. This well-defined next step is your first self-curated boundary.

The second is temporal - it helps to draw a line around when you want to arrive. As such a journey seldom happens in one big swing it makes sense to agree on where and how travel will happen, e.g. every weekday morning for one to three thirty-minute sessions.

Calling upon the service of an hourglass - or a tool of its virtue - increases the likelihood of staying on track: seeing the sand of time moving will inspire you to move with it, shutting out any potential distractions.

Painting such sessions is what this track is aiming at - the enchanted place of focus and clarity that is everybody’s to enjoy as one moves ever steadily towards the shining star of the next level - appearing ever more visible on the horizon.

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